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O.P.I care for hands and feet

Hands and feet

CARE FOR hands & feet Duration Price
Manicure without polish incl. hand mask approx. 50 min. € 80,00
Manicure with polish incl. hand mask approx. 60 min. € 95,00
Manicure with UV-polish incl. hand mask approx. 80 min. € 130,00
Signature Hand Treatment
(Microdermabrasion, QMS Collagen, Nova-Hyal Gel, Mask, Massage)
60 min. € 90,00
Pedicure without polish incl. foot mask approx. 50 min. € 85,00
Pedicure with polish incl. foot mask approx. 60 min. € 100,00
Pedicure with UV-polish incl. foot mask approx. 80 min. € 130,00
O.P.I Nail polish - € 30,00
O.P.I. UV-polish - € 60,00
UV-polish removing - € 30,00
O.P.I. polish


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O.P.I Product Inc. is the world's largest and leading provider of nail and hand care. Famous for its nail polishes with legendary names, unique formulas and top fashion colors, the American cult brand offers much more.

OPI has been a brand for the salon sector from the very beginning and thus has a comprehensive range for end customers as well. This includes first-class nail polishes, nail enhancement, sophisticated care series for manicure and pedicure for home in the highest quality.

All O.P.I nail polishes contain neither phthalates (DBP), toluene, nor formaldehyde and O.P.I products are not tested on animals.

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