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Safe vacations
at the 5-star Superior Hotel Alpine Palace
The Covid 19 hygiene concept


We have designed our processes and measures to meet and, where possible, exceed legal requirements. Our COVID officer monitors compliance with all safeguards on a daily basis. We respectfully request your assistance in ensuring that we comply with all required rules to ensure a carefree, safe and relaxing vacation for all guests.  A further relaxation of the regulatory requirements is in the offing. During your stay, the rules then set by the authorities will apply, and we already ask for your understanding should there be operational restrictions in the areas of spa/pool/sauna and gastronomy.

Stay safe

Since March 5, 2022, all 3-G regulations have been repealed. There is no longer a general curfew. In hotels, restaurants and in cable cars, there is neither an FFP2 mask requirement nor a 3G obligation to provide evidence. However, we recommend wearing an FFP2 mask in public areas and enclosed spaces.

We have designed our processes and measures to meet the legal requirements and, where possible, to exceed them. Furthermore, our COVID officer monitors compliance with all protective measures on a daily basis.

Corona hygiene concept

So that you can enjoy a safe vacation at the Hotel Alpine Palace
Constant cleaning and disinfection of our spa areas including solariums and sauna.
Regular disinfection of surfaces and touch points in all areas.
All rooms & suites are regularly cleaned with virucidal products and hot steam equipment.
The hotel provides sufficient space to ensure a safe minimum distance.
Disinfect hands
Disinfection dispensers are available throughout the hotel for guest use.
Mask requirement
Face masks are available for all guests. FFP2 masks are mandatory at the Alpine Palace hotel.
Fresh air supply
Regular supply of fresh air in all rooms.
Employees are tested.
Weekly Covid-19 tests for all our employees.
We provide the minimum legal distance between tables in our restaurants.
Fork and knife on a plate
Own assigned table for the duration of your stay.
Testing station
Covid-19 test laboratory in the village of Saalbach-Hinterglemm.

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