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Sensual massage at the Alpine Palace Spa
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The art to feel with all senses
the relaxation and joy of life.

Massages with depth effect

Massages with depth effect Minutes Price
Alpine partial massage (back & neck or leg massage) 30 min. € 60,00
Alpine full body massage  60 min.
90 min.
€ 120,00
€ 170,00
Sports massage with rubbing
A more vigorous massage that optimally stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation in the muscles. For additional muscle relaxation, a cooling or warming sports cream is also applied.
60 min. € 130,00
Physio Special
This specially tailored treatment with our physiotherapist consists of a massage, stretching and tips for home.
60 min. € 150,00
Aroma oil massage
Immerse yourself in the world of essential oils from the most exquisite plants of nature. The gentle massage with a profound effect relaxes the body and mind and promotes the balance of body energy.
Please keep in mind that this massage is not recommend for pregnant women.
60 min.
90 min.
€ 130,00
€ 180,00
The aim of this massage is to dissolve the myofascial trigger points. To release stiffness on muscles, to counteract the pain and also to remain pain-free in the long term.
30 min.
60 min.
€ 70,00
€ 140,00
Foot reflex massage
Our feet not only carry us through life, on the sole of the foot the entire body is reflected in the form of reflex zones. The massage of these reflex zones stimulates all systems of the body and the self-healing powers of the entire body are activated.
Please keep in mind that this massage is not recommend for pregnant women.
45 min. € 90,00
Manual lymphatic drainage 
Purifying, decongesting, draining. With the particularly gentle massage technique, swellings are reduced and the purification process is optimally supported.
Partial body: 60 min.
Full body: 90 min.
€ 125,00
€ 155,00
Head and neck massage 
Especially for stressed people. With gentle massage technique and strokes blockages and tensions in the head and neck are released.
30 min. € 60,00
QMS facial massage 
A gentle cleansing is followed by a deeply relaxing massage for the face, neck and décolleté with high-quality QMS Medicosmetics products.
30 min. € 60,00

Schedule an appointment and combine massages

We recommend that you make reservations as early as possible.
Appointments can be scheduled by phone at  +43 6541 6346 680 as well as via e-mail at beauty@wolf-hotels.at.

We recommend combining our massages with a body peeling, pack or bath for a perfect result.

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