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Massage from afar

Massages from afar Minutes Price
Abyanga (Ayurvedic full body massage) 
An Ayurvedic oil massage that originated in India and Sri Lanka. Abhyanga is about giving your body and mind a deep inner balance through harmonizing oils and gentle movements.
60 min. € 140,00
Thai Relax-Massage
Experience a combination of the Nuad Thai massage and an aromatic oil massage. Fine oil and special massage techniques accompany you into a deep calm, tensions from your body are released. A state that creates harmony on all levels.
90 min. € 185,00
Nuad Thai Massage
Immerse yourself in the Far Eastern art of massage and experience a combination of gentle massage with stretching, acupressure and energy work. Its extremely beneficial effect is sometimes helpful for back, neck and shoulder complaints as well as listlessness. Traditional Nuad Thai massage, which uses pressure and stretching techniques to increase the flow of energy in the body and has a positive effect on its mobility. Punctual pain is unavoidable, but immediately transforms into a light, positive feeling of life and mobilizes your body. This massage takes place on a mat, without oil and in comfortable clothes.

60 min.

€ 140,00

La-Stone Massage
Through the soothing effect of warm basalt and cooling marble stones, you will be charged with vitalizing elemental force and new energy. Through the alternating application of the stones, tensions are released, the lymph flow and blood circulation are stimulated.
70 min. € 155,00

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