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Luxurious SPA treatments, that touch the body, mind and soul

Whoever is looking for something special is in the very best hands with us.

Iconic founded luxury cosmetics, relaxing massages, SPA rituals and much more. Treat yourself to some time out, let yourself be pampered and advised. Our SPA team is looking forward to your visit.

QMS Medicosmetics


QMS Medicosmetics, the "World's Best Spa Brand", is one of the icons of medically based luxury cosmetics. The German brand stands for clinically proven high performance skin care with 97% skin identical collagens and hyaluronic acid to improve the structure and quality of your skin.

QMS Medicosmetics is a brand that leads, not follows.

QMS products and treatments are available exclusively at our 5*S Hotel Alpine Palace.

QMS Facials for her & him

Ultimate Pure Oxygen
Queen among all treatments, using precious pearl extract, silk proteins and unique skin-identical ingredients. The treatment prevents collagen loss and noticeably gives new life to the skin by stimulating cell renewal at the deepest level. The skin immediately becomes more luminous, toned, and tighter.
120 min. € 189,00
Collagen Recovery
Rejuvenating, revitalizing advanced treatment combination pampers especially stressed and tired skin particularly effectively. Enriched with the unique QMS collagens, it effectively balances the signs of aging and gives a youthful, luminous skin appearance. This treatment tightens even sagging skin and allows the valuable ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin.
120 min.  € 175,00
Skin Cell Renewal
A new generation treatment that supports the skin's own stem cells, thereby improving the skin's metabolism. Advanced Cellular Marine repairs the intercellular matrix. Your skin immediately appears significantly firmer and more vital. For a skin appearance that emphasizes your natural beauty.
90 min. € 155,00
Ion Skin Regeneration
A unique high-tech lifting treatment that increases collagen and elastin production and the skin's regeneration process. At the same time, an improvement in skin metabolism occurs. Active ingredients are transported to deeper layers of the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. For all men and women who want visibly firmer and fuller skin.
90 min. € 155,00
Collagen Lifting Experience
An absolute luxury lifting treatment, is especially suitable for dull and sagging skin. It gives your skin energy and firmness from the inside and stabilizes its function. It also cares for the delicate neck, décolleté area by using a highly effective contouring cream. The result: a firm, velvety peach skin.
90 min. € 145,00
Sensitive Skin Repair
Innovation meets healthy skin feeling. The precious cream serum supports the improvement of skin erythema and redness and, thanks to its silky texture, also pampers sensitive skin. An effective gift to your beauty.
60 min. € 125,00
Deep Cleanser
Whether you are a businessman or a person who love to enjoy life - this wonderfully caring and nourishing treatment allows stressed and sagging skin to breathe. Enjoy bringing your skin's moisture balance into new balance and feel wonderfully rejuvenated.
60 min. € 125,00
QMS Skin Touch
Stress can affect not only our body, but also our skin. A treatment that will introduce you to the world of QMS and give your skin a quick fresh look. 
50 min. € 95,00
QMS Face Massage
A gentle cleansing is followed by a deeply relaxing massage for the face, neck and décolleté with high-quality QMS Medicosmetics products.
30 min. € 49,00
Body & Soul-Tip:
Would you like to have even more freshness and firmness? Treat yourself and your eyes to an intensively smoothing collagen eye mask.

QMS Eye Lifting Mask with Collagen-Pads* € 15,00
QMS Foam pack with Massage (for hands or feet)* € 15,00
Upper lip depilation* € 15,00
Eyebrow correction* € 15,00
Eyebrow tinting* € 15,00
Eyelashes tinting*
€ 15,00
Eyelashes & eyebrows tinting*  € 35,00

*only bookable in combination with a facial treatment

QMS Just for men

Just for men Minutes Price
Detox Repair
Men's skin is not immune to the skin problems that women have to deal with. An advanced treatment to protect men's skin from damaging environmental factors. Unique revitalizing mask additionally purifies and detoxifies stressed manager skin.
60 min.

90 min.
€ 125,00

€ 145,00
Ion Skin Regeneration
A unique high-tech lifting treatment that increases collagen and elastin production and the skin's regeneration process, and at the same time an improvement in skin metabolism occurs. Active ingredients are transported to deeper layers of the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. For all men who want visibly firmer and fuller skin.
90 min.  € 155,00
Skin Cell Renewal
A new generation treatment. Skin Cell Renewal treatment supports the skin's own stem cells and thereby improves the skin's metabolism. Advanced Cellular Marine repairs the intercellular matrix. Your skin immediately appears significantly firmer and more vital.
90 min. € 155,00
Body & Soul Tip:
Would you like to have even more freshness and firmness? Treat yourself and your eyes to an intensively smoothing collagen eye mask.

Hands & Feet


OPI Product Inc. is the world's largest manufacturer of nail care products and was founded in 1981 by President & CEO George Schäffer. O.P.I is available in over 100 countries, including the United States and countries throughout Europe and Asia.

Neither O.P.I polishes nor any other O.P.I products are subject to animal testing.

hands & feet Minutes Price
OPI manicure without polish
Perfectly groomed hands for woman and man with high gloss polish or nail strengthener.
50 min. € 69,00
OPI pedicure without polish
Perfectly groomed feet according to medical template for woman and man.
50 min. € 75,00
OPI ProSpa manicure
Luxurious manicure with peeling, nourishing mask, and relaxing hand massage.
80 min. € 95,00
OPI ProSpa pedicure
Luxurious pedicure with peeling, nourishing mask, and relaxing feet massage.
80 min. € 95,00
Coloring with OPI Nail Polish - € 15,00
OPI UV-Varnish*
* only bookable in combination with a manicure or pedicure
- € 45,00
UV-Varnish removal - € 29,00

Teens´ Treatments

Teens Treatments Minutes Price
Deep Pore Cleanser (bookable for teenagers up to 17 years)
This intensive, deep pore cleansing and moisturizing facial is a real must have for impure and problem skin. It causes the dissolution of keratinization, reduces sebum production and inflammation on the skin.

Please remember that skin blemishes often develop over many months or even years. It is not possible to solve these skin problems within one treatment. Our beauticians will be happy to advise you on suitable home care.
80 min. € 119,00
First Beauty (bookable for teenagers up to 14 years)
Facial treatment for the little princess & the little prince. A gentle cleansing with peeling, relaxing face & neck massage, and nourishing mask.
50 min. € 80,00
Cocoa body wrap (bookable for teenagers up to 14 years)
A body wrap, which smells like chocolate and immediately releases happiness hormones. It makes not only beautiful smooth and refreshed skin, but also a good mood.
30 min. € 49,00
Aromaoil-massage (bookable for teenagers up to 14 years)
A gentle pampering full body massage for skin and nose.
25 min. € 45,00
Massage treatments for childrens under 12 years old take place only when accompanied by parents.    


Story of my nature

The roots lie in nature.

For over five decades, Kurland has stood for the compilation of meaningful and effective formulas under the strictest quality controls.

The result is effective products for skin care, massage, health and well-being.

Kurland natural products and treatments are available exclusively at our Body & Soul SPA in Hotel Alpine Palace.

SPA Ritual & Salve-in-terra®

Delightful fragrance meets pleasant warmth to pamper your skin and soul. Treat yourself to this unique SPA experience. In the Salve-in-terra® you can let your soul dangle: While you surrender more and more to the gentle swinging, and deeply relax, fragrant care products pamper your skin.
SPA RITUAL Minutes Price
Flower Touch Ritual
A wonderfully fragrant dream journey through the tropical garden. Precious essences such as coco mango, papaya and lemon enchant your senses, almond and argan oil nourish your skin in depth and leave it plumper and smoother. A gentle sea salt peeling is followed by a warm steam bath. The metabolism is stimulated, the pores open up and the high-quality active ingredients can work intensively during the soothing relaxation massage.

After the treatment you can enjoy a glass of Moët & Chandon.
100 min.

€ 210,00

Salve-in-terra®  Minutes Price



After the treatment you can enjoy a glass of Moët & Chandon.

Single Treatments
45 min. € 75,00
Paar Treatments 45 min. € 95,00

Body peelings

for a skin like velvet and silk

BODY peelings Minutes Price
Time Together Peeling
Deliciously scented scrub with sea salt, argan and jojoba oil with fragrance of frangipani, lemon and papaya intensively pampers your skin and senses.
30 min. € 55,00
Rose peeling
Fine sea salt scrub with jojoba, aloe vera oil and ground rose petals gently removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin supple and fresh. Delightful, lovely fragrance of your choice pampers your spirit.
30 min. € 55,00
Alpine herbs peeling
Skin smoothing scrub that gently removes old skin cells. Almond and jojoba oil with alpine herbs and the fragrance of your choice, intensively nourish your skin and pamper the senses.
30 min. € 55,00


Taking the time for a bath in stressful everyday life is often a luxury.
It is so nice to dive into the "delicious water" and enjoy a glass of Moët & Chandon.
Time Together bath
Wonderfully fragrant bath that soothes and relaxes. Sea salt and precious oils such as argan, jojoba oil soothe and have a balancing effect on stressed skin.
30 min.

€ 45,00

for 2 persons
€ 55,00
Rose flower bath
Dreamlike bathing experience. The combination of sea salt, nourishing oils and ground rose flowers unfolds its sensual fragrance when added to the bath water.
30 min. € 45,00

for 2 persons
€ 55,00
Magnesium bath
Here, magnesium is absorbed over the entire body, thus achieving rapid regeneration. Have a bath in warm water with dissolved magnesium. Problems with overstrained muscles can be effectively alleviated.
30 min. € 45,00

for 2 persons
€ 55,00

Body wraps

in the dreamy soft pack

Body wraps Minutes Price
Tahitian-Cream wrap
Immerse yourself in the wonderful scents as in French Polynesia and pamper your senses. The creamy pack ensures supple skin and stimulates cell regeneration. Tropical, fresh and flowery.
40 min. € 65,00
Pumpkin body wrap
A Styrian purification and care pack. Particularly rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it has a strong draining, exfoliating and at the same time optimally refatting effect.
40 min. € 65,00
Mud wrap
Experience the therapeutic effect of the mud. The natural mud is one of the oldest natural remedies, which can offer you relief from rheumatic complaints, joint problems, back or neck pain
40 min. € 65,00
Ausgewählte Kräuter für wohltunende Massagen © shutterstock.com
Kopfmassage © shutterstock.com

Massages with deep effect

Soothing and relaxing massages from the hands of our physiotherapist take away the strain of the last summit hike in summer or the sporty active vacation day in winter.

Body & Soul tip

Before/after the massages, we recommend a bath or a body wrap - these loosen and warm the muscles, so that an even better deep effect is achieved during the massage.

Longing for more body care? Combine your massage with a peeling.

Massages Minutes Price
Alpine partial massage
(back & neck massage or leg massage)
25 min. € 45,00
Alpine full body massage 50 min. € 85,00
Sports massage with rub
A more intense massage that optimally stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation in the muscles. For additional muscle relaxation, a refreshing sports cream is applied at the end of the massage.
50 min. € 95,00
Trigger point massage
Pressure point massage with the hand activates the meridians in the body, regulates energy circulation and oxygen exchange. With its grip and point technique, pressure point massage solves a number of physical ailments and helps to restore the balance of the body and mind.
25 min.

50 min.
€ 49,00

€ 95,00
Aroma oil massage
Immerse yourself in the world of essential oils from the most exquisite plants of nature. The gentle massage with a profound effect relaxes the body and mind and promotes the balance of body energy.

Please keep in mind that this massage is not suitable for pregnant women.
50 min.

80 min.
€ 95,00

€ 145,00
Foot reflexology massage
Our feet not only carry us through life, the entire body is reflected on the soles of our feet in the form of reflex zones. The massage of these reflex zones stimulates all systems of the body, the self-healing powers of the entire body are activated.

Please keep in mind that this massage is not suitable for pregnant women.

45 min. € 75,00
Manual lymphatic drainage
Purifying, decongesting, draining. With the particularly gentle massage technique, swellings are reduced, and the purification process is optimally supported.

Full body
Partial body

50 min.
80 min.

€ 95,00
€ 145,00
Head massage
Especially for stressed people. With gentle massage technique and strokes blockages and tensions on the head and neck are released.
25 min. € 45,00
An Ayurvedic oil massage that comes from India and Sri Lanka. Abhyanga is not about strong massaging of the muscle tissue, but to give your body and mind a deep inner balance through harmonizing oils and gentle movements.
60 min. € 115,00
Thai-Relax massage
Experience a combination of the Nuad Thai massage and an aromatic oil massage. Fine oil and special massage techniques will guide you into a deep calm, tensions from your body will be released. A state that creates harmony on all levels.
80 min. € 145,00
Nuad Thai massage
Immerse yourself in the Far Eastern art of massage and experience a combination of gentle massage with stretches, acupressure, and energy work. Traditional Thai yoga massage, which uses pressure and stretching techniques to increase the flow of energy in the body and has a positive effect on its mobility.

Please keep in mind that this massage is with sport clothes and without oil.

60 min. € 105,00
La-Stone massage
Through the soothing effect of warm basalt and cooling marble stones, you will be charged with vitalizing elemental force and new energy. Through the alternating application of the stones, tensions are released, the lymph flow and blood circulation are stimulated.
75 min. € 145,00

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