Full body treatments

You are welcome to book one of the wellness treatments listed below at the same time as you book your holiday.
Book your holiday now and add the treatment you want in section 4.


Body Scrub

Our whole body peeling removes old skin parts and leaves your body smooth and refreshed. The ideal pre-treatment for a nourishing body wrap or a soothing massage.
Duration: approx. 25 min. € 45.00

Full body wrap

During the treatment , you will lay comfortably on a Soft-Pack® System ( 37°C ) and can realx in an almost weightless state. Chose from:
- Purifying pack
- Classic mud pack - good for rheumatoid complaints, arthritis or swollen finger and foot joints
- Firming pack
- Vital- and sport-pack (for muscle regenaration)
Duration: approx. 40 min. € 53.00

Perfect body (tums, bums and legs)

Using the unique of cupping massage and ultrasound treatment, you can achieve great results for fimming and strengthening. We create your individuall body programm with connective tissue and also with cellulite fat resolution.
Duration: approx. 50 min. € 99.00


Salve in Terra

Unique couples treatment.
This spa treatment focusses on rediscovering the best side of being in a relationship, closeness, feeling and touch. Skincareproducts are used: a warm exfoliating cream is applied on the double lounger. Next, the lounger starts to move and rock you gently back and forth. Now you experience gentle sensations as the products work their magic on your body. Shortly before the end of the treatment, you and your partner will experience something very soecial. The sides of the lounger are moved upwards, like a mussel shell. Your bodies are nudget together for a short moment of togetherness. Finally, the products are removed by warm, tropical rain or refreshing ice rain.
Duration: approx. 40 min./2 people € 60.00