Wellness for the hands & feet

You are welcome to book one of the wellness treatments listed below at the same time as you book your holiday.
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QMS - For him and her!


Anti-Cellulite Contouring Treatment
Targeted body treatment that helps get rid of cellulite, stimulates the circulation and replenishes the skin with added moisture. The combination of cosmetic products based on active ingredients and a specially developed application technique helps the body defend itselfagainst harmful environmental influences, smoothes the texture of the skin and tautens the body’s contours.
50 min € 79,-



Activator Treatment
A revitalising facial with immediate feelgood effect! Thanks to innovative techniques and the use of active ingredients, the skin is regenerated and appears fresh, tautened and radiant.  
50 min € 85,-


Deep Cleanse Intense
Intensive moisturising and deep-cleansing facial. A peeling prepares the skin for this sensational, soothing and intensely moisturising seaweed mask, leaving you with a taut, smooth and healthy complexion.  
50 min € 85,-


Neo Tissudermie
Treatment to strengthen and regenerate mature skin, refining and revitalising the skin’s structure. !QMS‘ Neck & More is aimed at tautening the contours of the neck and the cleavage and to counteract the loss of elasticity that underlies the ageing process.  
90 min € 145,-


SK Alpha Revital Treatment
The ideal facial and perfect therapy for lacklustre, stressed-out skin with immediate effect! The highly revitalising SK AlphaMake forms the basis of this treatment and stimulates the micro-circulation, leaving your skin radiant. A wonderful way to prepare your face for special occasions!   
75 min € 110,-


3 treatments
Including Body Performance Duo
50 min € 259,-


Wellness for the hands & feet - Pedicure "DE LUXE"

Beautiful feet ...from any angle. Scented foot bath, pedicure, gentle peeling, relaxing foot massage
€ 75,-

- nail lacquer € 10,–
- French lacquer € 17,–

Wellness for the hands & feet - Nourishing paraffin bath

Beautiful hands ...from any angle
€ 25,-

Wellness for the hands & feet - Manicure “DE LUXE”

Scented hand bath, manicure, gentle peeling, relaxing hand massage.
€ 70,-

If you want your hands to look their best, we recommend
– lacquer your nails € 10.–
– change nail lacquer without manicure € 20.–
– remove gel varnish € 25.–

Wellness for the hands & feet - Varnish

Varnish, including base coat and top coat
€ 10,-


Beauty Extras

Hair removal using hot wax - Back

€ 53,-

Hair removal using hot wax - Underarms

€ 29,-

Hairless with hot wax - Legs complete

€ 59,-

Hair removal using hot wax - All-over legs

€ 23,-

Beauty extras - Eyebrow shaping

€ 11,-

Beauty extras - Lash tinting

€ 14,-

Beauty extras - Eyebrow tinting

€ 11,-

Hair removal using hot wax - Chest

€ 39,-

Hair removal using hot wax - Chin or upper lip

€ 15,-

Hair removal using hot wax - Calves

€ 39,-

Hair removal using hot wax - Bikini area

€ 29,-


Special treatments

Figure Maker (belly, legs, bottom)

Using the unique system of cupping massage andultrasound treatment, you can achieve great results for firming and strengthening connective tissue and also with cellulite and fat reduction. Put together your own personal body programme.
Duration: approx. 50 Min. € 99,–