Body Treatments

You are welcome to book one of the wellness treatments listed below at the same time as you book your holiday.
Book your holiday now and add the treatment you want in section 4.


Massages from the Far East - GARSHAN MASSAGE with silk gloves

A massage that activelystimulates the blood flow and lymphatic circulation to rid the body of toxins. Garshan massage is also recommended to treat tiredness and listlessness as it improves the energy flow. Duration:
Duration: approx. 25 Min. € 45,-

body care - Body scrub – full body Peeling of Alpienne

Duration: approx. 30 Min. € 45,- 

Body packs in the soft-pack lounger

Choose between:

NOURISHING - Say good-bye to dry skin with this rich and creamyoil pack, enriched with rose and vanilla oil to add a delicately soft touch.

FIRMING - Nourishes the skin, combats free radicals, tautens the tissue and restores the smooth, elastic appearance of the skin. This nurturing body gel mask contains primarily fresh vegetable extracts such as tomato, artichoke and pumpkin.

REBUILDING - Activates the cells, revives and replenisches the skin's natural oils. Highly recommended for very dry and irritatd skin, psoriasis and eczema.

REGENERATING - This heated thermal mud has regenerating properties and loosens tense and knotted muscles.

VITAL - Highly effective body pack for men made from refreshing, specific ingredients that help combat daily stress factors and restore the skin's natural vitality.

Duration: approx. 40 Min. € 53,-