You are welcome to book one of the wellness treatments listed below at the same time as you book your holiday.
Book your holiday now and add the treatment you want in section 4.


Massages from the Far East - LOMI LOMI NUI (Hawai)

Let the "queen of massages”, take you on a journey to the very depths of your soul. This intense Hawaiian massage is guaranteed to removeall blockages and gently heal the wounds of the past. A feast for all the senses!
Duration: approx. 75 Min. € 159,-

Massages from the Far East - ALPINE STONE THERAPY

Let wonderfullysoothing basalt stones and cooling marble replenish your energy levels through the ancient powers of nature. This unforgettable massage experience will immerse you in a sense of blissful comfort and safety.
Duration: approx. 75 Min. € 125,-

Massages - Intensive back

When you undergo this sensitive back treatment, you will enjoy a soothing and effective period of relaxation. Warm basalt stones banish any muscular tensions.
Duration: approx. 40 Min. € 69,-