Classic massages

You are welcome to book one of the wellness treatments listed below at the same time as you book your holiday.
Book your holiday now and add the treatment you want in section 4.


Classic massages - Foot reflex zone massage

The body's self-healingpowers are activated via the foot reflex zones, providing an energy boost for the whole body.
Duration: approx. 50 Min. € 79,-

Classic massages - Combination massage

Combines classic back massage techniques with elements from foot reflex zone massage.
Duration: approx. 50 Min. € 75,-

Classic massages - Lymphatic Drainage *upon request

The lymphatic system isthe lifeline of the human body. This gentle massage technique stimulates the lymphatic flow, rids the body of eess water and has a relaxing effect.
Duration: approx. 50 Min. € 75,-