Alpine Palace Kids' Corner

Dancing, singing, painting, crafts, playing, letting off steam, laughing - welcome to the Kids’ Corner

The Alpine Palace has its own play paradise for children. Various fun and exciting offers for the different age groups take place in the Kids’ Corner, five days’ a week.

In winter, there are activities which take place both inside and out. Outside in the open air, wrapped up warm in a ski suit, hat, gloves and scarf, children can ice skate and build a snowman or snow castle. And of course, a snowball fight is a must!

There is also plenty of variety outside. From reading evenings with a favourite book to games evenings, mandalas, finger painting, window drawings, bead necklace making and dancing to the sounds of the kids’ disco.

The kids will be accompanied by experienced child-care assistants at all times.

There is also plenty of variety on offer from spring to autumn.

A discovery tour of the fairy-tale world where goblins, fairies and witches wreak their havoc is just as exciting as a walk along the educational trail where children can expand their knowledge about nature and cool down by building a dam. br />Swimming and splashing around in the Capt’n Hook outdoor pool is always a welcome change too.