Cocktail bar

As you enter the impressive lobby of the Alpine Palace and approach the reception, you will see a bar submersed in subtle lighting on the left-hand side. The Alpine Palace cocktail bar.

The open fire right in-front of the counter built into the square block is a truly eye-catching feature. The stylish furnishings incorporating wood and leather make this luxury atmosphere truly perfect.

At the centre of the bar, the eye is drawn to a giant pyramid of spirits and the experienced barkeepers undertake their professional work around this feature.

The bar menu contains everything the heart could desire. The cocktails are particularly popular and range from fancy cocktails to standard drinks, short drinks and soft drinks.

You can also find an impressive selection of whiskies, cognacs, aperitifs, digestifs, spirits and liqueurs here in addition to a wide range of sparkling wines, beers, teas and various coffees.